General Terms

1. Evaluation and Application Forms
Operator shall assist Candidate by providing general information and guidelines on evaluation,
application (if applicable), registration procedures, and examination services. However, it is strictly
Candidate’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, handling and following up
personally and directly, all evaluation and applications’ procedures, particularly meeting deadlines
requirements and the actions of dispatching and sending such documents and related fees to the
appropriate authorities. Candidate is responsible for determining if he/she meets entrance requirements
outlines by the respective societies/institutes.

2. Payments
• Candidate agrees to fully settle all accounts promptly according to the payment plan issued by
• Candidate understands and agrees that if payments are not made on time according to the
payment plan, operator has the right to stop candidate from attending any class in any program,
until all owed amounts to operator are paid in full.
• All payments fall due and become directly collectable as commercial instruments without the
need for any court order upon their maturity date and by the sole fact of such maturity.
• Payments by cash, check, and wire transfer.
Administration fee of EGP 1000.00 (One Thousand Egyptian Pounds) or equivalent will be imposed
for any returned or dishonored check due to insufficient funds or for any other reason.

3. Refund Policies
• Material cost is nonrefundable.
• Candidate may cancel his/her enrolment and receive a refund by providing a written notice of
cancellation by email or a letter of withdrawal addressed to GTC.
• Withdrawal won’t be recognized unless made in writing.
• Processing of refund will take at least two weeks. In all cases, no refunds will be issued for
enrolment Fees
• Refunds for Registered Students shall be made if the letter of withdrawal is received by training
manager at least 10 days before the scheduled date of the first lecture of the Registered
“Course”. Otherwise, the candidate will not be entitled for a refund and the office shall notify the
candidate of non-eligibility for a refund.